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Maximum Ride character info sheet [file] by Ch4rm3d Maximum Ride character info sheet [file] by Ch4rm3d

:Edited: Added the Itex logo on the pages, made the height thing a bit more manageable and fixed the size comparison. Also added a bit of a thing a ma bob on the side in that awful white space.
Also added a block for hair colour and project, this project would be what the character was 'made' for, like an Eraser, or an experiment in avian recombinant lifeforms or as a replacement for something, i don't even know what i did with half of this so yeah.

Firstly, for a non file version of this go >> hereThis is a blank character sheet for a Maximum Ride original character(meaning your own Fan character).

I hope you guys find it useful as it took some work to get everything sort of okay looking.

I hope you guys find it useful, and that it looks okay, so comments would be much appreciated, also link back here so i can see what you did, i just LOVE Maximum Ride characters.

You may edit anything on here, add things, take things away, go crazy, use it for characters outside the Max Ride verse for all i care.  Just please give credit to me and link back here if you use.

If anything is wrong on here, spelling, something that looks off, please note me and i will update this.  Thank you~

It's based off of similar Character sheets for Ao No Exorcist and other fandoms.


This 'file' would be filled in by a Whitecoat who might be observing the character, so try to keep that in mind.  I hoped i designed this to 'fleshen' out your character a bit, as you'll hopefully be thinking like a scientist for this.

Itex Branch:
In my mind there are Itex 'schools' all over the world, so add a Branch where your kid was created, try to find a real town or city.

Lead Scientist:
This will be the scientist who probably filled the file in, the one responsible for the experiment, who brewed the little DNA cocktail that created your character in the first place, give that faceless pawn of ITEX a name.

Employee ID number:
I'm assuming those faceless weirdos have numbers assigned to them, like any big company or institution, no way mister head ITEX fatso knows each employee by name right?

Experiment number:
Obviously they won't be 'human' in the eyes of those whitecoated monsters, so give your experiment a number.  

Experiment name:

Let's pretend they humor those kids they experiment on, and they actually listen to the names they chose for themselves, or might have gone by or have been given.

I think here you can add if they're alive, or dead, a mistake or coming out just like they planned.

Recombinant DNA exposition:
What kind of mutant is your little mutant?  1% Arctic Fox, 4% Common chicken, 95% human maybe?

That would be a bust shot of your little experiment, in other words their shoulders and up.  Most of your identifying features are up there anyway.

Observed Eating and sleeping Habits:
Hey, those creeps watch and observe their experiments and it might be needed to see this?  Add whether they eat a lot, refuse to eat, sleep a lot, don't need much sleep, the usual things right?

Physical mutations:

This would be anything poking out, extra lungs, eyes, toes, wings, tails, ears, anything extra on your kid, anything that's not quite normal, anything the DNA has affected.  Try to describe it if you can.


What wonderful abilities did they bestow on your experiment, what makes them special?

This is like weaknesses, come on, admit it, everyone has them, so why not make a note of your experiment's defects or weaknesses.

Scientists notice things, they won't notice the deeper things, but they might see what your kid likes, or what they would cower away from.

This would be like an observable personality, how your character comes across to the whitecoat.

Big blank block on page one:
I don't know, add more blocks or draw your character in there?

Block with strange lines and numbers:
Show us how your character looks and their size.

Size Comparison:
How do they look compared to a full grown man of normal size?

Feel free to scribble all over this, add coffee stains, make it appear like someone wrote it down, go crazy.

Maximum Ride(c)James Patterson
File and paper(c)~mercscilla
Itex logo(c)Someone on the Maximum Ride Wikia
Blank Sheet(c)~Ch4rm3d
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